Sellutions – The Molena Journal

The smooth vinyl feel of an executive notebook, the color range of a full color print, and JournalBooks’ extensive variety of imprint methods – the Molena and MolenaFlex journals have everything that you could look for in a custom journal and then some. With standard options including 100 sheets of quality ruled filler, 1-color foil or blind deboss imprint up to 16 square inches and 7 rich colors to choose from, you have everything you need to create a one of a kind journal. Don’t let that keep you from getting even more colorful with your book, though!

Boost your Molena journal with options like screenprint decorations, perfect for intricate designs and tough-to-find PMS colors for your brand. Try a WindowPad to add a full color flair, both inside and out. And with the ability to order a Molena cover in any PMS color for orders of a certain quantity, your sure to create an incredible promotional piece. 

Molena SeminarPad | SP-8DMO

About the Book – Molena SeminarPad

Featuring a strong, white foil imprint to deliver the company’s brand messaging, this journal truly sparks when paired with the deboss design. This seemingly-complex imprint is actually a rotated step-and-repeat pattern built using the icon logo – taking full advantage of the Molena material’s color-changing properties when debossed.

MolenaFlex SeminarPad | PSP-8DMO

About the Book – MolenaFlex SeminarPad

With an intricate, full-bleed design and a custom PMS-color to boot, this journal is a perfect example of how our screenprinting capabilities can be utilized to create a one-of-a-kind book. The eye-catching white ink is matched with the design’s highlights in a subtle, dark green ink – the company’s unique secondary color – all while maintaining the smooth, vinyl-like texture of the Molena cover.

WindowPad SeminarPad (Deluxe) | SPWP-84D

About the Book – WindowPad SeminarPad (Deluxe)

Full color versus foil or blind deboss imprinting can be a tough choice when creating your journal, but this books shows off how you can have the best of both worlds with our WindowPad journals. With a custom, full color insert showcasing the brand inside and out, the messaging is completed with a subtle, yet powerful, color-changing deboss on our Molena cover in Bright Red.  

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