Work Smarter, Not Harder…with SmartPicx!

Allow us to reintroduce our SmartPicx Boost!

What is SmartPicx?

SmartPicx is a digitally printed image embedded with a hotspot that can be scanned using smartphones or tablets for immediate access to specified web pages. SmartPicx can be added to any of our ImageBooks, as well as any full-color boost added to our calendars and Perfect or WireBound journals. It’s extremely versatile in that it will link to any website of the end user’s choice. This allows for quick access to web content that may not fit into a journal by simply scanning a hotspot. By linking directly to a webpage, it makes website navigation easier, taking users to information directly pertaining to the topic they need.

How can end users use SmartPicx?

The concept of linking to a website opens a lot of doors, so we got to thinking: what are some specific ways to utilize SmartPicx? While it can be used in any industry, we decided to focus on just one to demonstrate creative ways to incorporate this feature into several products. Keep reading to see how a hospital could use SmartPicx, whether handing out their journals to patients, nurses or trainees.

South Pacific Access Health Hospital is opening a new cardiovascular wing, which requires training a new office staff. They will be implementing new procedures that even veterans of the industry may not be familiar with. To assist in this process, they have decided to create a training journal with information their trainees will find helpful in learning their new role. They have decided to go with our always popular ImageBook SeminarPad – or SPIB-84, with an added SmartPicx hotspot on the cover.

By scanning this hotspot, trainees will be taken to a landing page for the new wing, which has general information about the hospital, including its location, contact information and which insurance providers are accepted. The book is divided by four tab inserts for different aspects of training, each with their own SmartPicx hotspot. For example, the first tab insert links to a page that covers cardiovascular conditions, along with what treatments and which medical providers are available to treat patients for each condition. The remaining tabs link to training pages for handling patient paperwork, check in and check out procedures and schedules for nurses and doctors in the wing. Trainees can keep the journals on them to take notes about each category and use as a go-to resource for pertinent information, even beyond training.

While the hospital has an app where patients can view their charts from appointments, they wanted to create a tool for patients to bring with them to take notes or to write down any questions they may have during their visit. The ClearView JotterPad – JP-600CVO – is perfectly portable, allowing patients to have it on hand for their appointment. The first insert page has a SmartPicx® link that will take patients to the patient chart hub, so they can have their personal notes and charts easily accessible. This book also features a custom filler with a list layout for patient questions and doctor answers, as well as a section for any medication notes or important information the patient needs to remember. The other half of the book is lined filler for patients to use as journal for tracking symptoms and reflect on their experiences with their conditions.  

All in all, SmartPicx is a great way to merge technology and analog systems. Journals with this boost make information easily accessible, while still having the benefits of taking handwritten notes. It’s a win win! Call our Sales Team and get your next project started!

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