Sellutions – The StenoPad ImageBook

The StenoPad ImageBook (STIB-770) is a 5×7 journal that offers a lot of opportunities to combine PRINT + PROMOTION! Combining printed collateral in a promotion is the perfect way to increase distributor opportunities. Check out the case studies below for ideas to stretch any advertising budget.

Case Study – Energy

A top-ten energy company in the U.S. needed a journal for their human resource training team for new hires. New hires would receive a journal to take notes during their initial 30-day training period. The company wanted a journal with eco-friendly features, so our creative staff at JournalBooks suggested the 100% PCW front and back cover, upgraded EcoFiller lined paper, and the recyclable pewter wire to bind the book. We enhanced the aesthetic of the cover using our full-color imprinting, featuring the company’s logo colors. We added an Orange Stretch pen screen printed with the company’s logo that attaches to the book with elastic, for writing accessibility. By adding tip-ins featuring useful information, including a brief welcome, a map, company holidays, and pay dates, the book turned out to be an environmentally-friendly journal that proved to be a useful, new-hire tool to refer back to again and again.

Customization Tip
We can print your client’s full-color cover on our Shimmer Ice Designer Paper to give it that special touch. The Stretch Pen is also the perfect companion to the StenoPad ImageBook.

Case Study – Education

A large, in-state university wanted to kick off the beginning of the school year and football season with a journal introducing incoming freshmen to their beloved mascot, Wolfy. The final design included a full-color cover with an emphasis on Wolfy and the upcoming season. They opted for a dot grid filler that students could utilize in a variety of ways, including jotting down plays, scores and freestyle pictures. They added a tip-in with the team schedule and a stretch pen with black elastic. As a nice bonus, they included a surprise tear-away card insert at the front of the journal for a 20% on-campus store discount. The journals were a big hit with students requesting they be a permanent staple in their on-campus stores.

Customization Tip
Laminate the full-color cover to a paperboard that matches the back cover, or add a full-color tear-away business card insert to maximize your client’s messaging.

Case Study – Healthcare

A hospital wanted to present its patients and staff with a journal and pen gift set to introduce them to their new mental health initiative at the Leeman Behavioral Center. This journal set would be used by nurses to jot down patient requests, or by patients as a tool to pass the time. Where a lot of journals in the medical field are very simple and feature the hospital logo, they wanted to switch it up with a fun cover design that would feel less sterile and more inspiring to patients. The full-color cover was a great way to accomplish this. Accompanied by full-color inserts, including information both the hospital and its new mental health program, these journals were a hit! The journals were so popular the hospital came back with a new order for their physician assistants.

Customization Tip
We can create a lasting impact for your client by repeating their message, trademark, or logo on the filler pages. With the Custom Common Filler option, you can have your own mark printed on every page to create a truly custom effect

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